Posted on 16/03/2019

The Florist Tree


The feast of St Patrick commonly known as St Patrick's Day is on Sunday March 17 which is the officialiy recognised day of his passing. The day commemorates the arrival of Christianity to Ireland and is a national day of celebration for Irish people throughout the world. The day is a national holiday and involves lots of feasting and celebration with Irish music, beer and eating bacon and cabbage. The national colour for Ireland is green so some pubs even serve green beer. Traditionally green is worn which may include a shamrock somewhere on their attire.

The first St. Patrick's Day parade in Ireland took place in Waterford in 1903 and is now a 5 day celebration.

Choose any of these green flowers for St. Patrick's Day gift giving -
Anthurium, Disbud Chrysanthemum, Bells of Ireland, Green Trick Carnation, Gladiolus, Amaranthus, Leucodendrun, Helebore, Knifophia, Hydrangea, Singapore Orchid, Sim Carnation, Cymbidium Orchid, Green Bird Chrysanthemum, Zinnia, Succulents, Dianthus, Hypericum and Celosia are just some of the green flowers available.
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